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Headquartered in King Cove, Alaska, with a field office in Columbus, Georgia, Delta Infrastructure Services JV LLC (Delta Infrastructure) is a Joint Venture created to leverage the experience of Webb Construction and Delta Point to support Federal customers. Delta Infrastructure is an SBA 8(a) Certified Alaska Native Village Corporation (ANC) and socio-economically disadvantaged small business. As such, Delta Infrastructure is entitled to unique privileges under applicable federal regulations. As defined by the SBA, the 8(a) contracting vehicle is a flexible procurement technique that allows the customer sole discretion to choose the specific contractor team, which provides the highest level of customer flexibility to achieve their program goals and objectives.


Delta Infrastructure is certified to receive Sole Source Contracts of any value. These sole source awards do not need to be advertised and cannot be protested due to the exclusive privileges under federal regulations. ANC firms such as Delta Infrastructure are not subject to the $4.5 million limitation applicable to other 8(a) entities. (13 CFR 123, 124 and 311b) ANC 8(a) sole-source awards may not be protested. (13 CFR 124.517(a)). The Sole Source awards can be awarded with a ceiling of $100M without requiring a Justification and approval document and unlimited with one.


Delta Infrastructure comes with decades of experience in government and commercial business solutions. Delta Infrastructure empowers our staff and expects them to meet the complex requirements of our customers with innovative solutions.


Executive and Senior Leadership within Delta Infrastructure is a time-proven team that has successfully supported Government customers in the past, fully meeting the expectations of our customers. Delta Infrastructure is the newest company in this team’s mission to provide exceptional service for Government at a cost that reflects their concern to help the Government maintain fiscal responsibility without compromising performance..

A Proven Team Qualified to Lead


Delta Infrastructure is rapidly becoming one of the Government’s contractors of choice when both time and budget are a concern. Unlike many small businesses, we can deliver services to Government clients directly from our experienced staff and partners. Delta Infrastructure’s proven expertise includes the following:


• Project Delivery Method

o Design-Build Project Deliver

o Design-Bid-Build Project Deliver

o SATOC and MATOC Contract Method


• Project Types

o New Construction

o Renovations and Repairs

o Training Facilities

o Company Operations Facilities

o Infrastructure o Billeting- Barracks and Family Housing

o Historic Construction -Adaptive Re-Use

o Heavy Industrial

o Religious and Family Morale

o Medical

o Administrative, Workshop, and Maintenance


Customers Include:

• Department of Defense

o Army

o Air Force


• Department of State

o Diplomatic Security

o Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations

Statement of Capabilities
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